Jennifer Lopez’s Red Carpet Dress

We all know that music star Jennifer Lopez always make us to fall in love with her performances and not only.  But this time J.L really impressed us.  
Lopez gave the world the most beautiful pink look we can see until today. The music diva appeared on the red carpet during her new movie “Second Act”, all dressed in pink.

Her dress, designed by Giambattista Valli, came short ahead stretching back with a flair like those we’ve been taught to see princesses of fairy tales. This miracle that JL was wearing made the whole globe’s attention focused only on her.

With stitched hair, and the accessories in the same color with the dress, the music star looks really like a Barbie doll.

Alex Rodriguez, J.Los’s boyfriend, did not miss this opportunity by posting a picture on Instagram, which will remain in the minds of people forever. Both of them in the photo, look pretty smiling and happy on the red carpet.

So, as you can see, the only reaction that comes out of Jennifer Lopez and her wonderful dress is just a WOWW!

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